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Who is the Stinger Group and what do they do?

The Stinger Group, a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Organization is a collection of volunteers who dedicate their time and money to the promotion of cycling as a healthy sport and more importantly to give back to the local community.
Each year we put on a bicycle ride hosted at Glencoe High School and supported by the City of Glencoe. From the Mayor, the city council, the numerous city workers who provide the venue to the Glencoe Police Department, Etowah County Sheriff’s Department and Glencoe Fire department who work to ensure our safety. We are also supported by the Hokes Bluff Police, Jacksonville Police and the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department. So many individuals, too numerous for us to list come together to put on this great event. 


To date we have raised and given away over $50,000 thanks entirely to people such as yourselves who recognize just how blessed we are each day. To list in part are The James M. Barrie Center, a Children’s advocacy center. Thirteenth Place, a shelter for teens in a homeless crisis. Grace House and Summer Fun Snacks, a program to provide meals for children during the summer school recess. We have also provided funds for parents to cover loss of income while their child was undergoing chemotherapy, the transition from Walter Reed Hospital for a true American Hero who was wounded in battle while fighting for this great country and as well as funeral expenses for the tragic loss of life for a young man taken to soon. 

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